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About Us

APEX means: The TOP or HIGHEST part of something.



Absolute PErformance and EXperience

In the past year Apex Endurance accomplished so many things in creating a huge impact in the UAE Community and the lives of many residents by promoting sports; healthy lifestyle & awareness; active living & fitness; and teaching people how to swim, bike, run, conquer obstacle races, and even helping them in accomplishing their goal in their first races or events, we cannot do these without the help of our volunteer coaches and partners.


Our team is multicultural, and set up as a family and community-based environment with active members of more than 200 from ages 3 years old and above and residing from different parts of the UAE.


Our Mission:

  • To empower our members to achieve their multisport aspirations.

  • To provide our members a top-quality service that will help them in the sport to perform, gain memorable experiences, and build character.

  • To raise health awareness and help the community to get involve with active lifestyle.

Our Vision:

  • A healthy community.

  • To form an international endurance organization which provides equal opportunities to all, whatever their experience

Our Values:

The Values on which we are basing the TEAM are:

  • Honesty

  • Trust

  • Sportsmanship

  • Integrity

  • Tolerance

  • Care

Please feel free to drop an email if you have any concern, issues, suggestions, requests, and follow up.


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